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The combination of the RKC methods and kettlebells are known for delivering rapid results, rehabilitating old injuries, building resilient backs, forging strong functional bodies, and melting fat...
But don't take our word for it.  Instead read the testimonials given by past and present clients of Omaha Elite Kettlebell.

“Omaha Elite Kettlebell has transformed my fat, tired, and aching 40 year old body into an athletic body I haven’t known in 20 years.”
-David “

“Since my last check up bone-density and heart health have improved… now I can keep up with 12 grandchildren!” 
- Pat

“I became stronger in all aspects, and I lost body fat at an incredible rate.”
– Allison

I feel the difference in my overall strength and flexibility. My back and other joints that were bothering me seem to be improving with every class”.

“Cardio, strength and flexibility all in one. Within the first two months I lost 40lbs” – Kelly
Kelly Lost 30lbs in 2 months and has gone on to lose over 120lbs!

“I’d participated in numerous 5 k events, only after I began the kettlebell classes could I finally run without stopping to walk! I finally feel like I am in competent hands!” 
- Sandy

Not only did I maintain my weight with less than half the time spent at the gym, but I saw added muscle definition as well. When I decided I wanted to lose some weight, Scott encouraged me to keep a food journal and we upped the intensity of some of my workouts. I quickly lost 12 lbs and am on my way to losing more. Thanks to Scott's fun and challenging class I enjoy working out and am in the best shape of my life. For the first time ever I feel like an athlete.
-Janae Henry

Scott is a very talented instructor. He manages to make sometimes complex concepts easy to understand and apply. He never gives up looking for ways to make what he is training meaningful to each and every member of his classes in spite of differences in abilities, experience, and physical limitations. Scott's insistence on safety and technique not only demonstrate his complete understanding of kettlebell movements and concepts, but have also actually improved my pace of flexibility and strength gains. It's a truly functional workout that has improved my golf game by adding an easy 30 yards to my drives and made playing out of sand traps a breeze. Scott's kettlebell classes are truly the best fitness value in the Omaha area, and would be anywhere. Local gyms are charging up to three times the rates Scott does, Scott's training is second to none in this area. If you are considering kettlebell training or a new fitness challenge that will deliver fast results you could make no better choice. - Dave O'Neal

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