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Welcome to Omaha Kettlebell, home to the Metro’s own "Ambassadors of HardStyle", Aleks Salkin, RKC and Scott Stevens, RKC. Here you’ll find information about our unique and highly effective system of strength, conditioning, fitness, and fat loss training. Everything you'll want to know about the RKC’s (Russian Kettlebell Certified) HardStyle system and how it can help you attain the physical goals you’ve dreamed of, is right here. Best of all, you won't need thousands of dollars of equipment, or even a gym membership. You can acheive amazing results at home and in half the time you thought possible. Wanna know more? Browse through the following pages and see what kettlebells and RKC HardStyle training can do for you.



Check out Alek's international website and learn more about kettlebell, Primal Move and body weight training. Contact "The Hebrew Hammer" for a schedule of workshops near you.    

In the immortal words of the RKC’s founder and Chief Instructor Pavel Tsatsouline…

Power to you! 

John Scott Stevens RKC CKFMS


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